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What is this?

Earth is a website where you can buy tiles of land in a future game created around a real size model of earth. So just like how GTA V is in LA or The Division is in Chicago. The map of the future game they’re developing is set in a 1:1 scale model of earth. All of its landscapes, oceans, mountains and locations.

How does it work?

The virtual land on Earth is tracked using blockchain technology so basically each piece of land has its own ‘serial number’. Which will theoretically always be tied to that land and keep your investment secure.

Is this legit or a scam?

As far as I can tell from what I’ve seen this seems like a pretty legitimate project. I don’t know whether the blockchain tech behind keeping track of the land is real or how much of a chance this game has of really taking off. But considering one of the co-founders of the Oculus Rift, Dillon Seo, is one of the main developers. I’d say their intentions are most likely pure.

What is the Value in Virtual Land?

If the development of this game succeeds and this game becomes popular. Or if they create a platform which is used by other popular games. Then owning this land may potentially be very useful or valuable in those games.

Man-made Buildings Won’t be in the game.

Any man-made buildings or structures currently in ‘Earth 1’, the real world, aren’t going to be included in the game. Currently Earth is in Phase 1 of development where they’re selling the land. But, in Phase 2, the buildings or structures currently on the land are going to be wiped clean back to its original landscape.

If you do buy land, what land should you buy?

Well now we know not to buy land just for its buildings. Let’s speak about what land you should buy if you are still interested in punting some money at this. The developers have spoken about this subject in a livestream and the core thing they highlighted was any land rich in resources. It’s not clear yet which resources will be valuable in the game but it’s probably safe to bet on similar things to what is valuable currently in real life. Oil fields, gold mines or dense forest land are probably all safe bets going forward.

How do you buy land?

To buy land you go onto their website Earth Click “buy land” which brings up the map. Find the area where you want to buy. Find available tiles of land you want to purchase. Hit details and then buy now and put in your PayPal or card details. It takes very little time and there is very little friction involved in the buying process.

How do you sell land?

Selling land is a slightly different process. Effectively you put your land up for auction on the marketplace. To do this you click sell on any land you own. You choose a description for the land. The price to sell it at, you’ll probably want to sell it for less than the current market value so it will sell quickly. Then hit “Advertise in Marketplace’’ and save those options.

How to get money out of Earth

Hopefully your land gets bought pretty quickly after you’ve listed it. Then if you want to take your money out, it’s time to go through the withdrawing process. Right now and for the foreseeable future. You have to email them your name, account details and bank information. Or you need to make an account with Transferwise and send them the information for that.

Have I invested?

I have “invested”. Purely for the novelty factor of owning some virtual land. I put $16 into owning some land in the hills of Monaco. My reasoning behind this was that when you search for Monaco. The land is close to that general area and was available. France was at the time one of the cheaper countries to buy land in at $4 per piece. And there are currently villa’s built in that area which means it is likely good real estate going forward.

My Land in Earth

Final Thoughts

This might be an interesting novelty idea for something to buy. Buying your house or someone’s house as a gift for them for fun could be cool. But as an investment Earth is going to be very risky so definitely proceed with caution.



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